LOVE Ankhara Psychic Services, Patricia Putt as Ankhara offers personal consultations for the individual and groups upon request, in and around the Essex County. LIFE
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Hello, I would like to thank you for visiting my web site

My name is Patricia and I live in Rayleigh- Essex.

I have been working as a Medium/Psychic for numerous years doing Private and Group Readings at a cost of 35 per session, you are most welcome to record of all that is said on your mobile phone or recording device. These Readings are either carried out in my home or, if necessary, at alternate locations. I am also available for group readings of between four to eight people. Each sitter receives, at least, fifteen minutes and as previously stated all sessions are taped.

Ankhara psychic services, your guide, anhkara cartouche egypt, based in essex
Ankhara psychic services, your guide, anhkara cartouche egypt, based in essex
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  • I have appeared on television a number of times, for details please follow the links below.

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    I have also had a few newspaper articles written about me, for details please follow any of the links below.

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  • An Everyman Programme BBC 2 (12 Jun '03) two of the male Psychics who Work only on TV and making appearances in large halls were asked if they would do Private Readings their replies were as follows: They did not do Private Sittings as these could not be guaranteed. I have to disagree with this sentiment. In a Private Reading the medium is more able to reach the Sitter easily. As there is no one else in the room the Sitter is more at his/her ease and so not reluctant to make honest replies. The friends, families and helpers of the Sitter also feel more inclined to be personal, and therefore the readings go into far more depth than in a Public Hall or Auditorium.

    My work is carried out with Honesty and Integrity. You receive help when you need it most from those who know you best. Ladies and Gentlemen place your trust and faith in my Guide and myself For an appointment please ring 01268 784082 or email me via my contacts page.

    As to my name, Ankhara the answer is simple. For many years I felt drawn to the ancient lands of Egypt and on being invited to take part in a Regression Hypnotherapy Session, I was reintroduced to my previous self.

    For my History both ancient and modern please follow my history link.

    Thank you once again for reading this and I look forward to working with you.

    Please feel free to view what people, who have had consultations from Anhkara in the past, have said by reading the our testimonials section.