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Open Letter to Chris French

26th November 2012
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Dear Chris

Re: Spectacular Failure of Psychics to Prove After Life 24th October 2012

I was always lead to believe that the world of the Scientist was one of excitement, constantly searching for answers explaining the unexplainable, not one of closed minded sceptics with very narrow views on something other than their own field of study.

If this really is the case pray tell me why your tests on those who have the Gift is so tediously dull and boring with the usual predictable outcome. One in which you play so safe that the Psychics are not allowed to meet those who took part in the testing, are you perhaps more than just a little afraid that with us meeting and discussing the Readings proof would rear its head?

Unlike, your world I have to say that my work is never the same each Reading, every house, Pub or piece of ground I visit is exciting. I meet people of all ages above eighteen for the first time and within minutes I am a part of their lives. Meeting and giving messages from family members and friends in Spirit, when visiting a new building or land I am drawn into the history of the place. I can and do see those who would have lived, loved and died there. I was once taken to a place in France and within minutes I was describing the incidents that had taken place in the mid 1940ís a satisfying but not an enjoyable experience. Satisfying because everything I described was accurate and borne out by the local Historian, not enjoyable because for that moment in time I had become part of their pain.

I donít need Scientists to tell me I am imagining what I see, sense and feel or when in trance allow people to talk through me. No Chris, I am neither Schizophrenic or have a dual personality but I can do give very real proof of life after what we call Death.

To be honest Chris I feel very sorry for you and the rest of the so-called sceptic society, your minds are so closed you canít see what life is really all about.

Believe me in writing this letter to you I am not trying to bring your way of thinking round to mine, but I am more than annoyed that you are lumping Kim and myself into the same stable as those so called TV Psychics for whom quite frankly I have nothing but loathing no doubt as the year goes on there will be more to join them. In fact recently on the This Morning Show there was a so called Clairvoyant who was so embarrassingly bad my husband (whom you met) had to make me leave the room, she was so inaccurate she didnít even have the grace to apologise, but by this time John had made me leave the room afraid that in my anger our TV would suffer.

I know that these people govern your views of us but we are not all the same.

My world is never boring every Reading I do meeting people of all walks of life and what makes me happiest is the smile on a face when I give a name or an incident. The sharp indrawn breath followed by ďhow do you know that?Ē The tears of happiness when the Sitter knows a child or a parent is OK and many more such incidents. I donít exploit people never have and never will. Every Reading I do is a test of my ability, I donít claim to have a Gift Ė I know I have, as does Kim.

I would also like to point out that recently the US Government has admitted that Psychics have a very real part to play in life, they have given Joe McMoneagle the Order of Merit for services to his regiment, he is what is described as a remote viewer. Now, if this has been granted surely you and others like you should also be looking at life and death a great deal differently.

Perhaps we will meet again, I wonít attempt to change your views frankly I donít feel that is possible, I would love to know what you are afraid of Ė there has to be something.

I do have a lot of respect for you and Richard and would frankly appreciate that you return some of that to people like Kim and myself.

Our test was not a failure we came to you in all honesty, that is not what we received in return.