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April 2013 - Gabriele

I can hardly describe how Patricia’s work has helped me. In a long process not only did she support me in finding peace with my father who had left when I was four and never tried to reach me again. Helping him to get in touch with me and actually apologise to my mother and me opened a whole new dimension to a closure that had real therapeutical value. This continued when my mother died and Patricia not only provided me with her messages to me but also with people and names she could never have known because I had not even thought about them for a long time. My trust in her is absolute and I do not say that easily. She works with an integrity that I deeply respect and I hope to get her to work with some of my clients who have been haunted by "unfinished business" with loved ones.

March 2013 - Carole

Patricia has been a fantastic support over the years with her Psychic insights and her direct kind approach. I have found comfort in her words which have helped in Healing the sadness that accompanies great loss. She is always approachable and non-judgemental. Patricia also came to my new house to cleanse away any bad energy; it was very enjoyable and interesting. I frequently recommend her services.

February 2013 - Joe

Further to my visit to you yesterday I thought I would contact you regarding several things, which have come to light.

You said my wife kept mentioning Mairi, although I know a Mairi from many years ago I feel that is not the person she meant. What I do feel she was referring to was on our wedding day a piper played “Mairi’s Wedding.” So that is what I feel my wife was referring to.

The other thing you mentioned was a whippet like dog and that if I went back far enough I would understand what my wife was referring to. I emailed my sister in law yesterday and was surprised at the reply. Years ago their dad used to have a “brown short haired dog, fairly thin with long legs a cross breed but its father had been a whippet. I believe that is the dog my wife mentioned.

Once again thank you for our meeting yesterday it helped me greatly.

Exorcism - Jayne

I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for your time and skills in helping move on the Spirits from our house. We have noticed a massive difference and there is a definitely calm and relaxing feel which was not there before, even the cat we thought was lost has returned home. We appreciate your professional approach and sincerity.

December 2012 - Michael

I had a Reading with you earlier today, I know you don’t want the details, but I would like to say that what you told me earlier has set my mind and heart at rest on several issues.

(Michael had his wife go into Spirit a few months earlier)

Over the years that I have been doing Private Readings I have given a great deal of proof of the World of Spirit.

The man whose wife passed very suddenly came back to give her husband the knowledge that she was still with him by telling him what he had done in the weeks just after her passing.

The lady whose husband came into my house with her and gave a detailed report of who were with him when he passed, how and the dates and time.

The parents who came in to advise their daughter that she was heading on the wrong road in her marriage.

The man who lost his young wife and needed to know that she was OK as he was missing her terribly.

The young lady with two miscarriages who felt that perhaps it had been her fault and her grandfather told her it was not. Also gave her proof of the life her two little ones had in the world of Spirit.

The gentleman who was suffering from depression after his wife had passed because he felt he had not taken enough care of her during her illness. She came back to thank him and let him know that he had done his best, it was her time to leave the Earth Plain for the Spirit World.

The lady whose partner had left her, with the help of her parents in the Spirit world she was given the hope to go into the future with a more positive view.

The girl who had no idea what to do with her life after leaving University because she had too many choices, with the help of her Grandfather she is now settled into a very good career.

The young lady whose friend committed suicide, he came back to apologise for what he had done asked for her and their friends to forgive and Pray for him.

The young man who was killed by a hit and run driver, told me the colours of the two cars involved. That they would both be giving themselves up, because he would convince them to. He gave her proof positive of his life in the New World and she is now more settled.

The eleven people I saw in a recent group session, people who had never seen a Medium before and were impressed with the way I work and my honesty. As the last lady said: “Had someone told me that a person I did not know from Adam would be able to tell me what you just did, I would have laughed. As it is now I have to agree there is a probability of what you call The spirit World.”

The lady and her daughter who came to see me and as they entered the house her husband came in with her. The proof that he gave of his life in the other world was so amazing; it even took me by surprise.

The young man who was murdered giving me the evidence that is needed to go before the Home Office to get his body exhumed so that a proper Post Mortem can be carried out and the guilty brought to justice.

The little girl who came back to let her mother know that she is well and still follows her mother around the house.

The Grandmother that is terribly missed by friends and family, asking me to tell them that she is fine and her pain completely removed.

The young lady who was warned by her father that her car – her brand new car had faulty brakes. When taking it to the garage she discovered that her brakes were indeed faulty, a life saved by Spirit.

The lady and her husband who came to me were told that her Father, Mother and Sister were all settled into the Spirit world happily and still looking after her. I then went on to give the two of them proof of their past lives, something they have since proved.

The lady who had two husbands in Spirit was greeted by both of them.

The man whose mother had died in the War, he did not know his father. Other parents adopted this man after his mother was killed and they too came forward to say hello.

The mother who had died of Cancer and had heard her daughter making a pact with her in the car while on her way to see me. If she received a message from her mother she would give up smoking. She received the message and gave up that day.

In January 2000 a lady came to me for a private reading, which ultimatly lead to an appearance on the Kilroy Show (BBC -April 2001), this I accomplished in my usual manner. But even though she appeared happy and far more at ease than when she had first arrived, I still felt a little unease. So, I was not at all surprised when a few weeks later she contacted me again.

I invited her to come and talk to me, no sooner had she entered my house than I could feel the blackness that was covering her and affecting her family. It did not take long for me to find out that in the bakery she and her husband run there was a very much unwanted entity. So I suggested I should go and visit the bakery and see if I could remove the unwanted and evil visitor.

In August of 2000 I did this, completely unprepared for what I was to find. On entering the shop I heard a voice greet me, it was so clear, though I knew it to be a Spirit voice, I still turned my head expecting to see a physical person standing near me. Entering the shop I could feel the depression filling the cafe and shop. Walking round I made my way out to the back that is now vastly different to how the shop was in the late eighteenth early nineteenth century. During our earlier talk I had told her that there was a stain near the freezer in the back of the shop, walking round the bakery part of the shop I saw the stain for myself.

The lady's husband told me that he and his wife had tried for years to get rid of the stain. I treated it myself with Holy Water and to this day it has not returned. I told them that over a hundred years ago a man had hung himself over the spot where the stain would keep appearing. I then saw a man dressed in black carrying a cane in his right hand. A very unpleasant character, he went on to give me information that I asked the residents of the bakery to follow up after I had carried out the exorcism.

I went home, and some weeks later I was contacted by the daughter of the family in the bakery. To my amazement she informed me that all the families research had led to one name. A name I could not believe but knowing the evil I felt I had to accept what I was told.

I can now state without any fear of contradiction that I know the real name of Jack the Ripper. I had given his background, education, family name and motto.

In april 2001 I appeared on the Kilroy show "Do Ghosts exist" I of course believe they do, as I have seen many.

Shortly after I started working as a Medium (Psychic) I was contacted by a very distraught lady who had recently been widowed. She had misplaced her engagement ring. As she talked to me over the phone a picture was building up before me. I could see a greengrocer's shop and a tray with apples. I enquired if she had just been shopping, she told me that yes she had just bought some fruit. ]

I told her to go back, this she did looking in the basket where the apples were, to her delight she found her diamond ring.

My husband uses the same route into work every day. One morning as he was leaving home, I asked him to use a different route, because I had seen a vehicle with the picture of horse on the side coming round the bend at great speed and sliding.

At that time being a bit of a cynic, he refused to accept my warning. Only later that morning he phoned me to say, that yes, he had changed his route and later heard on a road traffic report that a removal van (bearing the name of a horse and a picture on the side) had caused an accident with numerous vehicles and a few fatalities. He is no longer a cynic.

A young lady who was at University with my daughter felt that her parents were keeping the true cause of the recent death of her Uncle from her. So she photocopied her hands sent them to me and I was able to tell her the true reason behind he Uncle's passing into Spirit.

With his permission, we were also able put his Spirit to rest. He had committed suicide.

A Brazilian lady working in the City came to me, worried about her job. I was able to tell her that she was about to be made redundant and I was able to advise her on her future career prospects. She is now doing very nicely.

A gentleman came to me, no sooner had I started talking to him, than I had given him his father who was telling him not to worry about his health. He then informed me that he had been visiting doctors who suspected he might have cancer, I told him he was fine. All his tests came back negative, he is now very relieved and healthy.

A lady who lost her son at an early age had been trying to contact him since his passing into Spirit, came to me and through me he was able to contact his mother, letting her know he was doing very well and that he knew everything she did, even to dusting his photograph and talking to it. The moment was very emotional for her and for me very happy because I was able to bring her and her son together.

I recently gave proof to a young lady of the passing of a friend who was murdered by her husband. The lady in spirit wanted her friends to know after years of pain and abuse she was finally at rest.

There are many more cases I could mention but this would take up too many pages.