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Different Experiences with House Rescues – Exorcisms.

After the Jack the Ripper experience in Bexley I felt that having faced real evil I was now ready and able to take my work as a Medium in a new field, one of Exorcisms or Rescue Work.

My work is carried out with Honesty and Integrity. You receive help when you need it most from those who know you best. Ladies and Gentlemen place your trust and faith in my Guide and myself For an appointment please ring 01268 784082 or email me via my contacts page.

My Work So Far

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

10 March 2005 I accompanied a colleague who had visited a house previously where the family had many problems, from seeing shapes and smoke in the hall to feeling uncomfortable in the lounge. On entering I saw the root problems, one was a lady in the Kitchen and the other was a gentleman in the hallway who had passed into Spirit literally by dropping down with a heart attack. The lady had once owned all the land around and had had to sell to a building company because as a farm it was no longer viable and she was very angry about it. The man in question had passed once the house had been built and was unaware that he no longer had any right to be in the house and on the Earth Plain, we showed him the way into Spirit.

7 January 2005 I visited a ground floor flat in Basildon, here a young mum and her child were being terrorised by flashing lights and the child was having his covers lifted off him every night. On going to the child’s bedroom, I felt the presence of a man a very angry man. It took more than one visit to get the truth out of him as to why he would not go into Spirit his reply was: “He had lost his son and wanted the little boy.” This was never going to happen. I showed him the way into Spirit but the strangest thing happened a few weeks later. The young mum was never happy in this flat, so she decided to move when they were packing up she found under a cupboard in her son’s room a dish containing ashes, I had them analysed to find they were human, I disposed of the bowl and the small amount of ashes.


9 December 2004 I visited a bungalow in Canvey Island, here cold shivers were plaguing a young lady, and once again nasty smells and she had the feeling that someone was watching her. I saw a young boy aged about ten who would have died very suddenly in a car accident and still wanted to visit his old home, I gave him the peace he needed and the young lady her home back.

1 October 2004 I was called to a house in Kent, they were having terrible problems with sulphurous smells; dripping water the family getting on each other’s nerves and it was impossible to grow anything in the garden. As I stood looking out of the patio windows I could see a lady and gentleman dressed in nineteenth century costume they would have lived on the land when it had belonged to large house and the housing estate had once been lawns, shrubberies and forest. It was here that I felt the lady would have been murdered, her Spirit never being laid to rest. This was something I was able to do; she has not been back since. I could also hear a dog barking, the family dog had passed a few months earlier and he was letting the family know he was still there.

On the 23 September 2004 I was called to a house in Uckfield, Sussex. Here a family were being troubled by footsteps in the bedrooms and the children were afraid to go to bed. As I walked in I saw what the problem, the lady’s father had passed into spirit some six months earlier with a massive stroke making it impossible for him to talk. Now, he was in Spirit, there were wrongs he wanted to right added to which his two daughters were so upset that he could not rest in peace. So, with the usual Prayers and giving the father the opportunity to talk through me we placed his Spirit to rest, I spoke to his daughter just before Christmas 2004 and all was peaceful, but she and her sister still missed Dad a great deal, quite natural.

On the 28 August 2004 I started working at the Cat Inn, West Hoathley see web site contact.

On the 20 May 2003 I visited a house again in Canvey Island, here the occupants saw things moving, heard sounds and felt a presence. On entering the house I was able to put them at ease. The first presence was the lady’s mother who was just trying to let her daughter know that she was OK in the World of Spirit and that she should pass the message on to her sister. The second Spirit was a little girl from the eighteenth century who found life more interesting in Canvey Island than she did in the spirit world. After some gentle coaxing from me she made her way into Spirit and the mother once realising that she was unsettling her daughter but had made her wishes known also left, with a gentle sigh rather like a breath of wind and on a wave of love.

10 April 2002 my colleague and I faced something very different. We had been called to a House in Canvey Island. Having already met the daughter and giving her Healing a week previously, I had thought erroneously as it turned out that the job of freeing the house would be a simple one, not so. The moment we entered the house my colleague could see a change come over me, I was then taken into Trance and a woman of a very evil nature came through. It would appear that the house stood on land that had once belonged to her and her husband, neither of them were any good and as the young lady had been seen by a very unscrupulous Medium some months before and told what rubbish to buy and how to meditate she had allowed these two into the house. Once having left me they turned the lights on and of, tried to push doors open and left a nasty smell in the girl’s bed room the smell of sulphur a common enough smell with bad Spirits. With these two we took a different stance, still using Holy Water and Prayers but the reading from the Gospels had to be far stronger, my tone of voice more authoritative with no give and take. We literally had to order them out, then removing all the expensive junk that the girl had been conned into purchasing – two dust bin bags full we left. Leaving her in peace but very muddled because of the action of the previous medium. I saw her on a number of occasions afterwards and she is now far more at peace and employed.

One of the more fascinating calls on my time was in March 2004; this was in a village in Essex. The house was a large one with a lot of land for the garden and a forest behind it. On entering the house as I looked out of the kitchen I could see the man who was haunting both house and garden. By his appearance and style of dress he would appear to have been murdered in the early sixties and left somewhere in the woods. I first walked around the house saying the Prayers of Rescue and Prayers for the rest of the Dead, then when I went out into the garden the man’s spirit would not let me finish saying The Lord’s Prayer, every time I reached a certain spot in the Prayer he would interfere with my mind and I would stumble and lose the thread of what I was saying, so having to start again. This went on for quite some time until he realised that I was too strong for him and that I would beat him. I was called to the house on more than one occasion; at first I could not understand why he would not leave. Until, my spirit Guide told me that the cleaner of the house had once played with the ouji board, having done this very silly thing she had opened up not only herself but also the house where she worked and was letting unpleasant Spirits in. I cleansed her and the house once more and have heard nothing more since. I would like to have dug around in the forest but as it was government property, I knew I would never be allowed to go digging around looking for bones. It is now over a year and I have not made any return visits.

11 February 2004 we were called to an address in Basildon itself. On entering the cottage I immediately sensed the problem. The lady here had been hearing noises, scuffling and what appeared to sound like whispers coming from a walk in larder in the kitchen. The problem was two fold. The first and most immediate problem was a group of Spirits belonging very much to the twenty-first century. Before the lady had bought the house it had been used as a flop for drug users. More than one had died of a drug overdose it was these people whose whispers the lady could hear. The other problem stood in her garden a man who had passed into Spirit around the sixteenth century and whose grave I felt would have been directly under the lady’s back garden. We did our work and have heard nothing more from the lady, so all is at peace. After some of the visits I have made to the Basildon area I feel that most of the new town housing has been built on some kind of graves. Whether they were plague pits or just an overload of graves from the London area, I don’t know and have had no chance to investigate but there are many houses I have visited and they all seem to have the same underlying problem, Spirits from graves going back many centuries.

In January 2004 I was called to Laindon in Basildon here two Council houses positioned diagonally to each other were both experiencing strange and disturbing events. The children were afraid to go to sleep, the women were edgy and one lady in the left hand corner of the square was seeing the shape of a person behind her when she stood in the kitchen. When my colleague and I arrived we soon picked up the presence of a man, who I saw standing at the top of the stairs, his stance quite menacing. His attitude was one that stated this is my area and no one can come into it. We took our usual position of “you won’t frighten us” and sent him peacefully on his way. We were never able to find out why he was haunting the other house but since our visit there have been no more complaints. And the ladies were very relieved with the atmosphere in their homes, the children sleeping comfortably and the men at ease.


Then in November 2003 we were called to a bungalow in Hullbridge, Essex. Here a lady was having a lot of trouble with an uninvited guest from the spirit World. On entering the house I could see very clearly what the problem was. The part of the home that was now the dining room had once been the garage. It was in the garage that a young man had hung himself, never having been given the Blessings to send him on his way into spirit, no one to light the candle of love for him he had just stayed within the walls of the building he had known for many years and the place where is life had ended. Once again with love, Prayers and Blessings we showed him the light at the end of the tunnel, he made his way and the house was once more peaceful.

My next visit was to a bungalow in the Leigh on Sea area. Here a lady was feeling a presence that disturbed her greatly but was unable to put her finger on anything concrete. On entering the house I could see what part of her problem was there was a man in the house one who would have been a Monk, the house and surrounding area had been built on the cemetery area of the Monastery, he had been disturbed and though he wished the lady no harm she was very uncomfortable. So, once more I followed the format that I had chosen by now. Prayers, Holy Water and an appropriate reading from the Bible – I found a Reading from Genesis or the Bible according to St John always had an effect on showing Spirit into the World of Light that awaited them.


In October 2001 I was called to help an elderly lady in Wickford, it appeared that she was seeing people and her family along with the staff in the Home were considering that she had finally lost complete control of he mind. On arriving at the Home with a friend and colleague I was instantly aware not just of her predicament but what and who were causing her waking nightmares. The building though new had been built on land that had once held a Victorian Orphanage it was the children from this wretched place that were playing in her room, following her and making her life hell. The innocent lives that had been lost here were not resting so they would not allow her to rest either. Once we had ascertained the problem with the proper Prayers, some Holy Water, Healing done on the lady. Her mind was put to rest and the children were shown how to go into The Light of Spirit that awaited them. We later heard from the Senior Care that the lady was far more comfortable and her family had no more worries about her mind.


My work is carried out with Honesty and Integrity. You receive help when you need it most from those who know you best. Ladies and Gentlemen place your trust and faith in my Guide and myself For an appointment please ring 01268 784082 or email me via my contacts page.