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Channel 4's The Big Breakfast

First appearance November 1995 here I was intervewed by Keith Chegwin and Gaby Roslyn. I was asked about my Gift and then I walked around the House telling the viewing audience what I could see and feel. Having given them my impressions I did not expect to hear from the Television studios again. However, within four days BB was back on the phone saying that a lady who had grown up in one of the cottages had rung them, would I like to meet her. I was delighted to accept the invitation and what I felt was also a challenge.

My second appearance in November 1995 I was interviewed by Mark Little and Gaby Roslyn. The Lady who had grown up in the house was also present. I was once again asked to give my impressions on the House. I gave the name of a gentleman and his dog who had once lived in one of the cottages. I also described the Cottages as being covered in bunting (small Union Jacks covering the three Cottages) the lady who was present showed photographs of the Cottages as they had been decorated for the Queen's Coronation.

I then said I could see the garden filled with yellow flowers. The lady showed a rare colour photograph (rare because in the late fifties and early sixties colour photographs were most unusual) to the cameras proving once again that I was right as the gardens were full of Daffodills. Everything I had seen and described was borne out to be right by the lady. She was more than just a little surprised as I had brought back memories that she had long forgotten. After the show she thanked me profusely.

My third appearance with B B was an Outside broadcast in March 1996 when I was invited to visit an Elizebethan Manor House. Here I sat in the garden while the Director and Producer walked round the House being given a History of the place. However, though the morning was cold and a wind was blowing across the fields of Cheshire I didn't feel anything because I was too involved in the life that was going on around me. To anyone not having my Gift it would have been a cold, empty garden. But I could see a great deal of life.

There were Cromwellian Soldiers and horses, an Elizebethan gentleman admiring oranges that he had brought back from a trip on one of his boats. Ladies walking round smelling the summer flowers. Children laughing and playing. I was then invited by the Director to walk round the house, as he already knew the history I had to tell him and the viewing public what I could see and feel. I walked round the house --- Little Morton Hall describing what I could see and what I felt, I then walked over to the little Chapel across from the house and told them what I could hear and see. To the surprise and astonishment of all present I was correct on everything, even the resident Historians and Curators of the manor could not disagree with me. Once again I had proved that I knew what I was talking about.