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What it means to be a Medium

Spirit Messenger (April 2003). 

It was a cold dark evening in the autumn when I attended my first session as a Developing Medium. I remember as if were only yesterday the feeling of dread as I walked up the stairs in the little Council house in Pitsea. My fear was not ones of horror as I had once been a great fan of Hammer Movies, no. They were a kind of trepidation, the human “not knowing what was in store.” However, after my first few minutes listening to the opening Prayer and Address I was soon at my ease.

Though I had been born with The Gift it was not till I was twenty-seven years old that I realised exactly what it was that had made my earlier life in a Convent Boarding School such agony.

Growing up in the 1950’s with the Gift of Clairvoyance was not the most comfortable place to be but with the help of God and my Guide I survived.

It was, as I said in my opening paragraph when I reached my late twenties that I realised exactly the extent of what was expected of me by the Spirit World. The years of my development was long and at times hard work. I was learning to do someone else’s wishes. There were nights when I had to be in Circle, when I would have much preferred to be out with my husband and friends in a Pub somewhere but I was now learning responsibility a word that was to become very important to me.

At the time that I sat in Circle I also have to explain that I was receiving no backing from my husband because he saw everything that I believed in as so much rubbish. I now have to tell you where as he was once my greatest obstacle, my husband is now biggest supporter. I went through months of agony because my Circle Leader one of the best I have ever known made me work. He and his wife knew that there was a great deal of work for me to do not just as a Clairvoyant but in the world of Trance as well, so they and a dear friend who is now also in the Spirit World pushed and encouraged me to be the best I could be.

Now you are no doubt wondering why I am writing this piece, the answer is very simple. My Circle Leader told me once that there many important jobs for a Medium to do but the most important one is a RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH OR AT A PRIVATE SITTING. The work that you do, he would say is not just standing in front of people putting on a show, you have a responsibility to help improve their life. With information passed on from Guides, Friends and Family we, as a working group must look after the welfare of those who come to see us. However, I am sad to say that over the years I have been attending Churches and sitting in the congregation I have come to realise that there are many people who do not take this responsibility as seriously as they should. It would appear that workshops are opening up – though quite what a workshop has to do with developing as a Medium I don’t know but I do feel there is money in it for the organisers. People who encourage the use of a Ouiji Board something that is so bad I can find no words to describe it and I have had one person running a meeting say to me: “Of course I don’t believe in the Bible.” I nearly walked out.

When I first asked Rae if I could write and article for her paper I really had no idea what it would be about and as usual it was Spirit who prompted me. The prompt coming primarily from the programme that was shown on American TV and discussed on sky last night 10 March 2003.

The genuine among us will never get the recognition we need and want as long as people such as those who participated in this vile joke are encouraged. Ladies and Gentlemen of the fraternity of Spiritualists I beg of you, look to the good and work only with the true Gift that has been presented to us. The world of Spirit as we see it is meant to be shared and done so with Love and Responsibility. Yes we do have to charge for our services or else we could not live but not to exploit those who are hurt and lost. I also have an ambition to legitimise what we do and I know how I want this to be accomplished but with the usual caprice of Spirit they are making me wait and worry, hopefully they will let me win through. I never want to hear again what was said to me in a Church a couple of years ago after the service: “I don’t really like listening to the Address, third rate Philosophy does nothing for me.” Those who have seen me work know that my Addresses are always given in Trance, I took this as a personal insult and I also know that it was Spirit that stopped me from smacking this man across the face.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope I have given you all some pause for thought.

God Bless You all and Peace too.

Patricia Putt