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How Did KNOW She That

This month our psychic roadshow rolled into Rayleigh in Essex to test the powers of local medium Patricia Putt. We picked six people at random and asked her to read for them on the spot. So how well did she do? Read the results and find out!

Printed April 04

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59, classroom assistant

ĎYour dadís spirit is here and he says heís so glad he can speak with you at last. Heís been trying to get you to see a medium for some time. He describes you as his princess who was born in a castle. He has always been so proud of you and tells me he chose you a special name. He says you hurt your right foot and itís making you depressed. But be patient, it will heal.í

ĎIíve been meaning to see a medium for years. I thought it was just a coincidence that I met Patricia today, but now I think it was fate. Iím completely gobsmacked by what she has said. I was born in a castle in Derbyshire where my mother and other pregnant women had been evacuated during the war. They contacted my dadís naval ship to tell him Iíd been born and he asked that I be named after an Irish nurse on board called Moya. I hurt my foot last year and although it looks normal it hurts if I walk too far. Iím delighted that it will get better and even more delighted that I had the reading.í

25, student

ĎIím being told that you are a very kind person who will do anything for anyone, but that youíre too afraid to give blood. Please try to get over this fear as your blood group, AB rhesus negative, is very rare. Iím being told this by your grandad, who says he was football-mad. He played for an East End team and supported West Ham. He knows you feel a wally when you talk to him, but he wants you to know heís listening.í

ĎThat was mind-blowing! Not only did she get my personality right but she also knew my blood group! My dad and sister give blood regularly, but I canít stand needles. After my reading, though, Iíll try to pluck up the courage to become a donor for real. My grandad, an East Ender, was a very keen footballer. He played for a local side and supported West Ham as a boy. I admit I do talk to him from time to time, although I feel silly. I shall do it more often now I know heís listening.í

36, bank clerk

ĎIím being told by your grandad that you have the daftest sense of humour. If someone had left the price label on their shoe you would find it hysterical. He used to love it when you went to visit and tells me he always had a plate of biscuits ready for you. He says youíre a real people person and a softie just like him. In fact, people often see you as a shoulder to cry on, but donít get too involved or youíll end up feeling drained.í

ĎI was nervous about the reading. But what Patricia said, although not mindblowing, was 100 per cent accurate. If I saw a label on someoneís shoe I would find it side-splittingly funny. My grandad did always have a plate of biscuits ready when I wentround to visit, and personalitywise I am just like Grandad ó a softie. Itís true that people often use me as their rock. I donít mind usually but if I think about it a lot, it does leave me feeling quite tired.í

60, accounts clerk

ĎYour dad is telling me that his last weeks on earth were harrowing for you and that you still get flashbacks of that time. He knows he meant the world to you and says he loves you, too. He tells me youíre not yourself at the moment. And because you seem so down he has been giving you lots of hugs. So if youíve been feeling a bit warm from time to time, donít worry, itís not a hot flush, itís his spirit presence making contact. Heís also talking about a birthday party he enjoyed. He says it was the last time you were all together and that itís his fondest memory.í

ĎI loved my dad to pieces and memories of his last days are still painful. I have been having hot flushes lately and I shouldnít be having them any more. It makes sense that itís Dad because I feel pretty fit and healthy otherwise. Life has been tough lately so itís good to know heís there for me. The birthday party was my daughter Angelaís. It was the last family gathering before Dad passed on.í

54, housewife

ĎYour dad says he wants to say hello to his girls and his son. He said he knows heís not forgotten, but wants you to know heís still around you all. Your mum is also looking out for you. She says you have taken her place in the family and you often ask yourself, ďWhat would Mum do in this situation?Ē Well, she will tune into you psychically and send you messages of advice. So if an idea suddenly comes into your head, act on it, because itís from your mum.í

ĎI have two sisters and a brother. We all still talk about our dad so he certainly isnít forgotten. Itís nice to have a hello back from him. I guess I have taken Mumís place in the familyó keeping everyone in touch with each other and looking out for my siblings. And I do often wonder out loud, ďWhat would Mum do now?Ē I look forward to getting her answer. Iím glad I had the reading. Iíll recommend Patricia to all my friends.í

28, accounts assistant

ĎIím being told youíre a shopaholic. Your grandadís in spirit and heís laughing as he tells me that you canít resist a shop. But you do it because youíre bored and want more from life. In fact, youíve been thinking about travelling to the Far East and Hong Kong. Grandad says it would do you good, but says donít be too impatient. He advises you to wait 18 months. He says youíll be better off financially then, and also the world will be a quieter place.í

ĎIím completely stunned by Patriciaís reading. She really couldnít have been more accurate. My husband, Glenn, has to rein me in with the shopping or I just get totally carried away. We both want more excitement in our lives so we are planning a trip to the Far East, with Hong Kong as our first stop. It canít happen soon enough for me as Iím feeling bored at the moment. But I think Grandad is right: we need to sort the cash flow out first. Iím going to cancel my credit cards and steer clear of the shops.í

To view the full glossy magazine layout in Adobe Acrobat Format, Click Here. You will need an Acrobat Viewer.

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