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Mediums – Its amazing how in this modern and so called enlightened time of ours this very simple word can still either raise an eye brow, race a heart or prompt a cynical smirk.

I consider myself lucky in that I was born with the Gift. However, looking back on my school life in the 1950’s being a Psychic child was really not the best thing to be.

But, since the days of my development in the early 1970’s and having now done this work for the past forty years, I realise that the problems I faced in school were actually nothing as I am now part of an exciting world. One that proves to me each day that those whom we have loved and now miss terribly and have “died” are as I was told by Spirit a few weeks ago "only the thickness of a feather away."

I say it is an exciting world because every Reading that I do, all the Psychic Investigations I carry out; each and every one is different. We live in a time when everyone is chasing around, looking for something. Many people are lonely others don’t have a goal in mind; but by coming to see me; they get the help they need from those who know them best. You might have a relative in spirit whom you did not know, that is irrelevant because though they might have passed before you were born, as a member of your family they are still associated with you so can and do help.

Then there are those who have a close member of family in Spirit, someone so greatly loved their physical absence is almost physically painful. How wonderful it is for me to see the tears of happiness that well up in their eyes. Tears, because I have given proof of their existence albeit in a different way. Being human we miss the physical contact but knowing that the Spiritual relationship is still very much a reality helps a person get through almost anything.

I do group readings, private sittings, charity events and of course my favourite Psychic Investigations.

Often I will receive a phone call from a person stating they have a problem in their house, garden, hall, pub or theatre. I go along sometimes accompanied by a colleague, feel the disturbance in the atmosphere tell the person or people what I can feel and see this inevitably tallies with their own experiences. I never request information before hand and always when I leave the client I insist they research what I have said, so that they have the documented proof that I was right. I then go about putting the restless Spirit to Rest in Peace. Sometimes, a client will say “but the house etc. is new” that is unimportant it is the land on which the building has been erected that holds the disturbance, Spirit or Spirits.

Whereas my work doing Readings gives me a satisfaction that I have been able to help someone when they needed it most. The investigations I carry out are very often like looking into the pages of history. Some pages sad, others frightening but always intriguing. In fact I keep hoping that sometime an archaeologist or an historian would invite me to accompany them on a dig or to an historical site. In the role of adviser on the people who really lived in the time they are working on. I don’t deny that the students of archaeology and history are very intelligent and knowledgeable but in all the work they do supposition and presumption is very much a part of their work, leaving their findings without a tangible conclusion, as I discovered when I worked ten years ago with Big Breakfast in Cheshire and gave information to the curators of Little Morton Hall that no one could possibly know unless I had met the people from that time or read it. I certainly had not done the second but had met the first.

I pride myself on the following Honesty and Integrity. Why not call me

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