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How often have I heard this question asked, even by my mother now long in Spirit. I can remember as a child hearing her ask this. Her reply was always “No one has ever come back. Even as a small child I knew her to be wrong, as she now knows herself because in the thirty years since her passing she has visited my home and my children’s homes on many occasions. When I have a problem I do as I have always done turned to my mother and family in Spirit who do their best to help by giving me strength and support.

We are living during a time of great technological advancements from travel to communication yet we are afraid of what is difficult to understand and that is the Spirit World the one I work with and have done now for many years.

The lives we live are very busy either rushing from one place to another, reading texts all are important to us. Answering phones or being impatient in a Supermarket because there are one or two people in front of us. People feel there is no one to turn to and their lives are quite empty. Worry over a sick member of the family, the passing into Spirit of a loved one, worry over work and the most modern of illnesses Depression all these and more are problems that take over the every day running of our lives. Over the past twenty years there has been an erosion of Faith making it impossible for people to believe in anything but the physical mention the metaphysical and there is a raised eyebrow, the sound of derision or total disbelief in anything that cannot be scientifically proven. Because of these attitudes people don’t know where to turn for help when it is not the physical kind that is needed. The onset of Secularisation makes the general population feel embarrassed to admit they would like to believe in something other than the material. Where there is Belief in a Higher Being there is embarrassment in admitting to it.

It is at times like this that an Honest Medium can enter the equation if invited to do so. During the years that I have been working I have people coming to see me either for Private Readings, Group Sessions even After Dinner Speaking and they will say to me “I don’t believe in God but can you help?” Of course I can and often do help but that is only because there is a world that Science refuses to accept I call it the fifth dimension and a parcel world it is the place where the Spirits of those who have lived and loved go after leaving the Earth Plain. The energy the life force that has left them on the earth plain lives on albeit in a very different way. Because the Spirits who come through are not made of matter they don’t take up space yet I am able to describe them to family and friends. They speak through me as I always say to my Sitter I am only a conduit for the Spirit World it is my client who must understand everything I say I honestly have no idea what I am talking about, the messages come through me to the person I am talking to and they have to confirm everything I say. I never make ambiguous comments. Yes, I do make mistakes and my only reason is that sometimes I am given information that I find hard to accept or understand so when giving it over to the Sitter I mistranslate it and do apologise when such an error is made.

Now we turn to Scientists and their difficulty in accepting the Spirit World and trying so very hard to disprove its existence.

At the end of April 2000 I read in the Daily Mail that a man by the name of Professor Richard Wiseman was carrying out an experiment at Hampton Court, this intrigued me as I had visited the Castle many times in the past as a teenager and with our own children but never at that time had I considered doing anything about Spirits that would inhabit the Castle. So at the end of May 2000 I took myself off to Hampton Court and joined in with the people that would be helping out with the experiment, suffice it to say I found it fascinating from the room we met Richard in to walking round the castle. I believe a Reporter mentioned me in an article that week in the Daily Mail and because of a fax I sent Richard at his University I was also invited onto the Gloria Hunniford Show to discuss some of my experiences.

Since then I have realised that not only Richard Wiseman wants to Debunk those of us who work in the Spiritual way but Professor Christopher French and a Magician I had actually not heard of till I saw him in 2008 in London Mr James Randi, it would appear that he has a big business in “Debunking” and actually runs a foundation where strange phenomena including Mediums are investigated. Of course having undergone one of his tests I now realise that the $1m challenge will never be won because the way in which it is set is completely unfair and an unnatural way for a Medium to work believe me there is no sour grapes in this statement. I actually enjoyed the experience and got to meet Richard again and Christopher two gentlemen who I actually not only like but respect as they have their views though heavily biased but also do stick to it. The difference is I too have views but am open to other ideas too.

On May 9th 2009 I took the Randi test at Goldsmiths University in London and as expected it was far from honestly set, though I have to admit both Christopher and Richard did the work they had been designated to and if you google it you will see that according to the way in which it was set “I failed.” By their standards.

On October 24th 2012 I again took a test this time set by Christopher French of Goldsmiths and a team chosen by him, I knew the test would once again be set to the advantage of the Scientists and not myself as I believe the headline in the Daily Mail and other papers was “Mediums Fail Spectacularly” believe me when I say there was nothing spectacular about it at all the test had been set as the Randi one for the benefit of the Testers and not the Mediums. The fact that I took up the challenge when Acorah, Morgan and Fry refused proves that the confidence I have in myself and the high standard of my Gift.

Richard and Christopher are often to be seen on television tearing Mediums/Psychics apart but when I ask to be interviewed along with them on TV so far I have not been invited are they perhaps really so wary of being seen on the same show as myself knowing that in a really fair fight things would be made difficult.

I do my work with an inner feeling a knowledge that my work is important in a time when people find every day life to be ever more difficult.

The Middle ages had a Proverb “ubi tres medici, duo athei – where ever you get three doctors, two will be atheists.

Now ladies and gentlemen I ask you to enter my world visit the exciting parts of my life. The adventure that only working with Honesty and Integrity gives me. See the world that I share every day with those who visit me nothing boring or predictable but always interesting, very often emotional and at times great fun. Hope to see you there.

If you are an Historian Archaeologist instead of guessing, supposing, hypothesizing or presuming why not contact me, I have a very special Gift in this area.

Thank you for Reading this